Celtics Offseason Preview


Photo Credit: Markus Muzikants

The NBA draft has come and gone. There were some surprises including trades that did and didn’t happen. The Boston Celtics were the team in perhaps the most unique position.  Last year the Celtics finished first in the Eastern Conference and were eliminated by the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Eastern Conference finals.  However the Celtics entered the offseason with the number one overall pick in the draft and a lot of cap space. The Celtics traded the number one pick to the Philadelphia 76ers for more picks including the number three overall which they used to draft Duke forward Jayson Tatum. With the draft over the offseason has officially begun and the Celtics will be in the middle of everything.

With the Celtics treasure chest of draft picks they figure be involved in any rumor involving the trade of a superstar. They have already been mentioned in any rumors involving Indiana Pacers star Paul George and Jimmy Butler before he was traded from the Bulls to the Timberwolves on draft night. The Celtics are also expected to pursue Gordon Hayward in free agency whom head coach Brad Stevens coached when Hayward played at Butler.  Blake Griffin has also made it known that he would consider joining the Celtics as he was touched by the Celtics tribute to Paul Pierce when he returned to the Garden as a Clipper. These stars and many others who could be on the move are real possibilities for the Celtics.

Through the Celtics rebuild after the Big Three era ended General Manger  Danny Ainge has placed this team in the perfect position. They are one of the teams  with the most cap space and have an abundance of one thing every team wants which is draft picks. They have some very talented young players in Jaylen Brown, Marcus Smart, and Terry Rozier to go along with Isiah Thomas, Al Harford, and Avery Bradley. This team has far to go as during the Eastern Conference finals they were dominated by the Cavaliers. One big issue for the Celtics last year was rebounding. For the majority of the season the team’s leading rebounder was Avery Bradley. This shows how good a player Bradley is ;however a team’s shooting guard should not be it’s leading rebounder. The Celtics also need another shooter which is why Paul George makes sense. George  has one year left in his deal and has a strong desire to sign with the Lakers once he’s a free agent. This means the Celtics would have to surrender draft picks and young talent for a guy who could leave at the end of the season.

Regardless if any of these rumors come true it will be an interesting offseason for the Celtics.  They figure to come away with at least one big name. The only question whether or not it will be through free agency or via trade. Danny could also be extremely aggressive and add multiple big names; we’ll just have to see.

Written By:  Jamie Gatlin

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