Should The Rockies Be Taken Seriously In the West?


MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at Colorado Rockies

Photo Credit: Kevin Henry

The Colorado Rockies are off to a hot start with a record off 31-17. They have a two game lead over the Arizona Diamondbacks for first in the National league West division. The Rockies are usually a team that gets off to a hot start. However a baseball season is 162 games and they usually tend to cool down just as people start believing this year is different.  This team is trying to write a new narrative and this year may in fact be different. There are multiple reason’s why including their young pitching which is usually their Achilles heels and their improved play on both the road and at home. This Rockies team is attempting to change the narrative and seem well on their way.

The Rockies have been struggling to produce young talented pitchers for years. This is a result of their player development and the fact that their stadium Coors Field is a hitter friendly ballpark due to its spacious dimensions. This means Rockies pitchers must get used to that when called up to the show or else they will fail.  This year the Rockies rotation has excelled which is surprising considering two of their five starting pitchers are rookies and only one of the other three starters have more than one year of experience in the majors. The Rockies are relying on their youth at a position when many growing pains are expected as a pitcher makes the transition to the majors. The Rockies pitchers however seem unfazed and give the Rockies a chance to win every night. They also have a talented bullpen as a result of offseason signings Greg Holland and Mike Dunn.

Even though the Rockies young pitchers are getting a lot of the attention their offense is as dangerous as ever. Their third baseman Nolan Arenado is one of the brightest stars in the game and is coming of a year in which he drove in a hundred and thirty three runs.   They are also tremendously good up the middle as their starting shortstop Trevor Story is coming off his rookie season in which he hit 27 homeruns. They also have perennial all stars in the outfield in Charlie Blackmon and Carlos Gonzalez.

This is a team built with young talent and mix of veterans who are tired off starting out hot only to miss the playoffs. If they can continue their play which they show no signs of stopping. For the first time in a while the Dodgers and Giants won’t be the talk of the National league come playoff time it could be the boys from Colorado.

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Written By: Jamie Gatlin


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