Are The Yankees Legit?


Photo Credit: Noah K. Murray-USATI

When the Yankees began their rebuild two years ago it was a shocking admission of defeat from arguably one of the most storied franchises in not just baseball, but all of sports. Many said the Yankees wouldn’t be able to contend until the 2018 season. These Yankees  have appeared to disregard that and look like a team poised to surprise the world. These Yankees are not lead by Jeter, Posada, or Rivera. They are not lead by a free agent that the Yankees outbid everyone to sign like in the past. They are lead by a nucleus of young players prepared to restore the franchise to its glory days. These young players include Aaron Jude and Gary Sanchez and veterans such as Chase Headley and Matt Holiday . The Bronx Bombers currently sit atop the AL East one game ahead of the Baltimore Orioles. Baseball, however, is a long season and a lot can change between now and the end of the season.

It is hard to ignore what the Yankees have done so far. The young players are making an impact right away. Aaron Judge is not your prototypical baseball player. He looks like a man meant for football, but watching him crush a baseball is a thing of beauty no matter what team you root for. Veterans and young players who have been disappointing the last few years including Chase headley, Luis Severino, and Aaron Hicks look like completely different ballplayers. This Yankees team could very well crash and burn. Injuries could mount and their young players could start to comeback to earth. Until then no matter what team you root for you can’t help but smile. On the night The Yankees retired Derek Jeter’s number the glory days of the Yankees are remembered again with their future bright.

Written By:  Jamie Gatlin



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