Danny Amendola The X Factor


Photo Credit: Jim Rogash/ Getty Images

When the Patriots signed Danny Amendola the notion was that he would replace Wes Welker. Welker left the Patriots for the Denver Broncos in free agency following the 2012 season after 6 impressive years with the Patriots in which he caught less than 100 passes in a season only once. Amendola hasn’t put up anything close to those numbers as his most catches in a season with the Patriots so far is 65. That however does not mean Amendola has been a failure in New England. Amendola has shown his value by coming up with clutch catches in postseason for the Pats since joining New England in 2013. Putting up the numbers that Welker put In New England is no easy task. Amendola has played along some very good targets in New England including Rob Gronkwoski, Julian Edelman, Martellus Bennet and last years rookie sensation Malcolm Mitchell. Amendola may not light up the stat sheet at the end of the day however when the Patriots have needed a big play he has answered the call.

Next year the Patriots will have one of the most talented receiving corps in recent memory. The Patriots added Brandon Cooks in trade with the New Orleans Saints to go along with Julian Edelman, Malcom Mitchell, Chris Hogan, Rob Gronkowski, and fellow offseason acquisition Dwayne Allen. As a result of this Amendola moves further down the depth chart and with a six million dollar cap hit the Patriots asked Amendola to restructure his deal. Like two times before Amendola accepted this and choose winning over money. Amendola is not the type of receiver to put up godly numbers like 10 ten catches a game for 180 yards. He will however be there in the clutch as he’s shown time over time in the past few seasons. He may not be the next Wes Welker like many people predicted but he’s followed the mantra of his head Coach Belichick by doing his job when the Patriots have needed him the most.

Written By: Jamie Gatlin





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