The Madness Is Here


Photo credit: Jesse Greenspan

March Madness began yesterday and it has meet all expectations. Every year 64 of college basketball’s best teams play in this tournament to determine a national champion. It’s one game elimination making the stakes very high and each game extremely intense. Each team is not only fighting for the chance to move on in the tournament but also to win a national championship. Every year people also attempt to make a perfect bracket, the odds of this happening are nearly impossible however every year millions of people fill out a bracket hoping luck comes their way. So far in this tournament there have not been may upsets but there have been many close games.

Of all the games played so far the only upsets are no.11 Xavier over no.6 Maryland and no. 12 Middle Tennessee over no.5 Minnesota. In all the other games so the higher seed have won. That  does not mean that the tournament has not been excting as of the 24 games already played 7 games have been decided by 10 points or less.  Of those 7 games 3 had only a difference of two or one point.

There have also already been some mistakes that will be talked about for a long time such as a crucial foul in the Vanderbilt game in the final seconds with Vanderbilt up by one leading to their loss and elimination. That is the fun of the tournament as it creates moments that truly amaze fans and some that these players will lose sleep over.

Tonight some of the college basketball elites play their first game in the tournament such as the University of Kansas, the University Of Kentucky, Duke, and UCLA. So far the tournament has not disappointed and as always no bracket is safe.

Written by: Jamie Gatlin

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