The Butler Situation


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The New England Patriots have had both a very busy and interesting offseason. They have not been afraid to spend money as they signed Stephen Gilmore, one of the top free agents, to a monster deal and Lawrence Guy a defensive lineman to a 2o million dollar deal. The Pats also traded for tight end Dwayne Allen and emerging star Brandin Cooks. The Patriots improved their defense and made their offense even scarier. There still remains two big tasks this offseason for the team. That includes resigning two key contributors to their last two Super Bowl wins: Malcolm Butler and Donte Hightower. The Patriots have plenty of cap space however the two still remain free agents. Not only have these two players contributed greatly to the Patriots success lately their paths to the NFL, especially Butler’s, is what makes them so special.

Butler was signed by the Patriots in 2014 after going undrafted. Butler then had to earn his way and wasn’t well known before his interception that will be remembered throughout New England forever. With the Seahwaks at the goal line they decided to throw it and Butler stepped infront of the ball picking off the pass and sealing the Patriots victory. Butler went from undrafted to hero and has gotten better every year since. Before the offseason began Butler said he wanted to be a Patriot for life however it does not look like that will happen.

Butler wants top ten cornerback money which he deserves. The signing of Stephen Gilmore  ended the possibility of that happening. Gilmore is set to receive 45 million guaranteed over the next five years and possibly 60 million in total. Butler is deserving of at least that and maybe more. The Patriots are not a team that would give two guys at the same position that same type of deal. It was reported that the Patriots won’t give Butler more than 1o million a year which is not top ten cornerback money. Recent reports also say that the Saints and Butler are already discussing a new contract. Even though the Pats could match that contract and bring Butler back that is highly unlikely. It seems that Butler’s days in New England are numbered however he will leave with two championship rings and having made one of the most impactful plays in Patriots history.

Written By: Jamie Gatlin

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