Anthony Davis Finally Gets Some Help


Photo Credit: Adi Joseph

Yesterday the Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Pelicans stunned the Basketball world as they completed a blockbuster trade that sent Star center Demarcus Cousins from the Kings to the Pelicans.  The Pelicans received a first and second round pick along with three other players including Buddy Hield. This trade represents a reset for the Kings as they attempt to build a winning team. It was also uncertain if Cousins would re-sign with the Kings as he only has one year remaining on his current deal. The two teams completed the deal as the NBA All Star game was in progress. The trade now leaves these two organizations in different places as they both attempt to build winning teams following the trade.

The Kings have received a lot of backlash for making this deal. They received three players in this deal including Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, and Langston Galloway. Of these three players the only one with star potential is Hield however he is only a rookie meaning he  needs more time to develop. The picks are also important in this deal considering how deep this years draft class is. The problem with picks however is sometimes they turn into busts and in order for the Pelicans to be satisfied with the results of this deal they need to hit on players they draft. If they do not and Hield doesn’t develop into the star some expect this could turn out to be a very lopsided deal for the Kings and set their rebuild back even farther.

The Pelicans now find themselves in an interesting position. They have not been in the playoffs for two years; however they only sit two games out of a playoff spot. Combining Davis with Cousins could make them a power in the West and could elevate Davis’s game even further. Since The Pelicans drafted Davis first overall in the 2012 draft they have failed to surround him with other stars to help him bring a championship to New Orleans. Now with Cousins on the team Davis has that star and seeing these two play together down the stretch will be very interesting to watch and Pelican fans may see their team surprise people come playoff time.

Written By: Jamie Gatlin



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