The Aftermath Of Kevin Durant’s Return



Photo Credit: Zac Al-Khateeb

Yesterday the Golden State Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 130-114 in Oklahoma City however the game had one story line that has been anticipated for months. Kevin Durant played his first game in the stadium he called home for the first eight years of his career. During the game introductions Durant was meet with a shower of boos. This came as no surprise to anyone as Durant left the Thunder in the offseason to the team the Thunder lost to in the playoffs last year. Not only did the Thunder lose to the Warriors in the playoffs but they had them one game from elimination twice. Since choosing to join  Steph Curry and Klay Thompson in Golden State Durant has been meet with hard criticism. To many it appeared like Durant was being a sellout. Combined with Russell Westbrook the Thunder have become one of premier teams in the NBA however in Durant’s eight years in Oklahoma City the Thunder were unable to win a championship. The Warriors presented Durant with the best opportunity to win a title with an already star studded roster. The Thunder fans however were not the only one’s who let Durant know how they felt.  Russell Westbrook who has become one of the most talented players in the NBA was involved in a couple shooting matches with his former teammate.

During the game Westbrook shoved Durant at mid court and during the third quarter the two were engaged in a shouting match during a timeout. Westbrook was not the only one to exchange heated words with Durant as Andre Robertson did as well. This is what many expected for Durant’s return. Years from now Westbrook and Thunder fans may forgive Durant but at the moment it’s a bitter pill to swallow.  Durant is viewed as a villain for abandoning the Thunder and that perception will only worsen if Durant wins a title with the Warriors. Thunder fans however should not forget what Durant did for the team and city while he was there. It is rare now a days for a player to spend his entire career with a single team and Durant showed that. However the Thunder still have a star in Westbrook and time will show if he can give Thunder fans what Durant could not ,an NBA title. If that does happen it won’t be surprising to picture Durant smiling for the team and place he called home for eight years no matter how many times they boo him.

Written By: Jamie Gatlin



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