Celtics Show True Grit


Photo credit: Alysha Tsuji

Last night Celtics forward Al Horford made his return to Atlanta the place where he spent the first eight years of his career before signing with the Celtics this past offseason. Horford was welcomed back with boos when he was introduced which only motivated his new teammates. Many of the Celtics players said they wanted to win this one for him and they gave it all they had.  The Celtics received solid contributions from their starters and Kelly Olynk had a big night off the bench as he scored 26 points and made four three pointers. Horford also had a solid night in his return as he scored ten points while pulling down six rebounds. This game however would belong to Isaiah Thomas and his fourth quarter talents.

Thomas was clutch in the fourth quarter yet again as his ability to perform when it counts the most has become routine but still remains mesmerizing. Thomas scored 28 points with 13 of those coming in the final quarter. Thomas’ best moment came at the end. With less than ten seconds left Isiah waved off a timeout call by coach Brad Stevens. The result was Thomas nailing a jumper with 2.4 seconds left to give the Celtics a 103-101 win. Not many players are given this much freedom by their coaches and this only emphasized how clutch Thomas is.  This was a big game for the Celtics as they rallied around their big man. They showed  just how far this team has come since the first week of the season and the early struggles that had some people questioning if maybe people were expecting too much from this team. The Atlanta Hawks recently traded away sharpshooter Kyle Korver however they still remain a dangerous team and the Celtics gave it all they had and came out on top. After the game Olynk said, ” We really wanted to dig this one out for Al, he really deserved it”. That’s exactly what the Celtics did and they deserved this win.

Written By: Jamie Gatlin



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