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As  the NFL playoffs are set too begin this weekend the discussions for the end of the year awards  such as Rookie of the year, Coach of the year, and MVP have started up. This year’s MVP candidates each have compelling cases as why they were footballs most valuable player. The most talked about names in regard to this race have been the Falcons Quarterback Matt Ryan, the Packers Quarterback Aaron Rogers and the Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady. Each player had an amazing season this year and here is why they are the favorites.

Matt Ryan had a year to forget last year but this year his performance was perhaps the best its ever been. On top of leading the Falcons to the playoffs he also ended the regular season with 38 passing  touchdowns and 4,994 passing yards. He finished with the second  most passing touchdowns in the league as only Rogers finished with more as he finished with 40 touchdown passes. The Falcons also could not have made it to the playoffs without Ryan as their defensive unit was one of the worst  in the NFL. Without Ryan’s stellar performance throughout all sixteen games its hard to picture this Falcons team overcoming their defensive struggles and making it into the playoffs. While Ryan’s consistent performance throughout the season makes him a heavy favorite, Green Bay’s quarterback Aaron Rogers is in the conversation for this award because of how he finished the season.

Rogers got off to a dreadful start this season which was a big reason for the Packer’s early season struggles. The Packer’s however won their final  six games which Rogers played a huge part in. Roger’s finished the season leading the league in touchdown passes with 4o. During the Packers six game win streak he threw 16 touchdown passes with no interceptions. His ability to escape the pocket and give his receivers more time was on display in the season finale against the Lions when the division title was on the line. Rogers stellar performance is why the Packers are postseason bound however his start to the season may hurt him when it comes to winning this award.

Last and not least their is Tom Brady. As usual he was phenomenal and finished the season with 28 touchdown passes while only throwing two interceptions. Brady also played the majority of the season without his star tight end and most dangerous weapon Rob Gronkowski. This forced Brady to rely on his newest targets such as Chris Hogan, Martellus Bennett, and Malcolm Mitchell.  These receivers didn’t miss a beat and looked as if they had been playing with Brady for years. Despite Brady’s excellence the one thing that could prevent him from winning the MVP is the deflatagte suspension. As result Brady’s brilliance was limited to 12 games and no player in the NFL has ever won the MVP award while missing twenty five percent of the season.

This decision will not be an easy one for voters as these players have all had amazing seasons. The MVP award however goes to the player who was excellent throughout the whole entire season. Matt Ryan played the best football of his career and its hard picturing the Falcons in the playoffs without him.


Written By: Jamie Gatlin


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