Thomas The Celtics Next Superstar


Photo Credit: Mitchell Gastin

Isiah Thomas may be the shortest player in the NBA however his talent level far exceeds any restrictions that one would think his height would give at first glance. In the final minutes of the 2015 NBA trade deadline, Danny Ainge worked his magic and acquired Thomas from the Phoenix Suns in exchange for Marcus Thornton and a first round pick. Thornton isn’t generating much buzz these days while Thomas has brought the Celtics out of irrelevance and has been critical to making Boston a contender in the Eastern Conference. Ever since the trade Thomas has made Boston his home as he’s embraced the city and made his recruiting efforts in free agency such as helping the Celtics land big man Al Hortford in free agency.

Many people say the Celtics still need another superstar in order to be considered a true challenger to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Thomas, however, game after game, has shown why he should be considered that superstar.  The Celtics may very well need another big name player in order to win a championship; however, Thomas has blossomed into a true superstar in Boston. So far this season Thomas is averaging 27 points and six assists a game and is coming off a brilliant effort in which he scored 52 points against the Miami Heat. What sets Thomas apart is in the fourth quarter: he wants the ball no matter the situation. He drives to the hoop not like he’s the shortest man in the league but the tallest. That’s why Celtics fans love him so much he plays with his heart and is putting the Celtics on his back. As the Celtics make the jump to contenders signing Thomas to an extension may be in their best interest as facing Thomas in the fourth quarter is not ideal.

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Written By: Jamie Gatlin


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