History in Cleveland



Photo Credit: Rob Tringali- MLB Photos

Last night the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians reminded us all why Baseball has long been America’s past time. It doesn’t matter which team you support or even if you don’t like Baseball at all. This series showed not only why people love Baseball but sports in general. These two teams squared of trying to end two long championship droughts and not even nine innings was enough. Through it all we saw men become kids again and the passion that only shows when someone truly cares about something and will do anything to attain it. In the end only one championship drought  could end and it would end up being the Chicago Cubs. For the first time in 108 years the Cubs can finally call themselves champions but this series meant so much more than just a game.

This series had everything a sports fan could want and then some. The Indians took a 3-1 series lead and then the Cubs won three straight to win the series. David Ross the beloved Cubs catcher hit a homerun in the final game of his career. This series however was not only about sports but the revival of two cities. For as long as I can remember the Cubs have been the subject of every sports joke. Their 108 years without a title was long documented along with many heartbreaking moments along the way. The Indians have not had to suffer through 108 years without a title but they now have gone 65 years without one and  counting.  This series however showed that these two cities are still Baseball towns. The Cubs are the champions but the Indians still have a lot to be proud of. They fell short this year but for the first time in a while there is optimism about this team and its future. This was evident in game 7 as they fought until they had nothing left.

Game 7 is already being regarded as one of the best in Baseball history. The Cubs took a 6-3 lead heading into the eight inning with Aroldis Chapman in the game. It seemed as if it was finally the Cubs time. The Indians had a different thought and scored three runs to tie the game including a two run homer by veteran outfielder Rajai Davis. Just when you thought this series couldn’t get any better these two teams proved us wrong again. The tie would only be temporary as in the 10th inning the Cubs scored three runs and the team of destiny haid its title.

The Passion of these Cubs could be seen in their faces however the most defining moment in my opinion  was the last play. Kris Bryant fielded the ground ball for the final out of the game. As he was making the play he was smiling and didn’t look like a twenty four year old he looked  as if he was five again. This is the great thing about sports. You can try to predict the outcome of a season but most of the time you will be wrong. The Indians were never favored to make it to the World Series. Yet they were one of last two standing. This  is the beauty of sports you cant predict the outcome and most of the time the outcome will leave you breathless and make you believe anything  is possible. That’s what these two teams did for seven games and I for one am thankful that they did.

Written By: Jamie Gatlin

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