College Football Preview: Week 8

Full disclosure: I fucked up this week and forgot to give my analysis of week seven. So here it is.. sort of.

  • Alabama absolutely obliterated Tennessee.
  • Ohio State escaped Camp Randall with an OT win.
  • Arkansas took down Ole Miss in an absolutely wild game.
  • Everything else was predictable

Thus, my extremely brief and poorly put together analysis of last weeks games is concluded. Now, to this week. Eighth game of the College Football year.. where did the season go? Good question but it’s Time for the Pro’s to separate themselves from the Joes. Here are some of the rather high profile games this weekend:

Alabama vs Texas A&M:

This game is getting a shit ton of hype and I’m not sure why. Yea i understand Texas A&M is 6-0  and its a top ten matchup but its Nick Saban.. in Tuscaloosa.. = Win. Look, I think Texas A&M is a good team; a really good team, but they have a very suspect run defense. What does Alabama do better than anything else? Run the football. That means trouble for the Aggies. Watch for Calvin Ridley and O.J. Howard to get in on the action in the play action passing game.

Prediction: Alabama by two touchdowns.. at least.

West Virginia vs TCU:

West Virginia is 6-0 and ranked 12th in the polls. The Mountaineers are garnering a lot of attention as a potential black horse playoff contender but I’ve seen this story. WVU gets off to a fast start and loses the big game that will make or break their season. Will it happen again this week? Yes. Gary Patterson is one of the best in the game and he’ll have his boys ready to go in Morgantown Saturday afternoon.

Prediction: TCU in a a field goal.

NC State vs Louisville:

Can the Wolfpack put another scare into a playoff contender? Had their kicker not of choked monumentally, we’d be talking about the possibility of the ACC being left out of the playoff picture. That didn’t happen and neither will N.C. State being close enough at the end of the game to have a shot to win. Lamar is about to tear the Wolfpack D up.

Prediction: Louisville by 10.

Sleeper Game of The Week: Texas vs Kansas St.


Photo Credit: USA Today




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