Boston Celtics: 2016/17 Season Preview

The Boston Celtics finished up their preseason slate yesterday with a final record of 5-2. Although these were “fake” games I have multiple thoughts and questions as we move into the regular season next week:

Al Horford Fits Seamlessly in Brad Steven’s Offense:

After the conclusion of the preseason it is clear that Al Horford will be a force on this team. Horford in the pick and roll with Isaiah is absolute buckets. Al has a well above average mid range jump shot and the ball skills to put it on the floor and take it to the rim. Thus, the duo of I.T. and Al should be up there with the best in the Eastern Conference.

Terry Rozier will be key to Celtics success this year:

Remember when fans were killing Ainge for picking Rozier with the 16th pick in the 2015 draft? Well, since then, all the kid has done is improve. Rozier was tossed into the playoffs last season and held his own, then this past summer he dominated the summer league, and over the course of the preseason he looks to be a very solid bench piece. Rozier is shooting the ball with more confidence, attacking the rim, and playing well off the ball. With that said, Rozier will be vital to the bench unit this upcoming season.

How will Jaylen Fit?

Over the course of the preseason, Jaylen Brown was given a ton of minutes. One thing is abundantly clear: his athleticism. Jaylen is a force in transition and attacking the rim in the half court. Furthermore, he has shown to be a good passer and have great court vision. With that said, his outside game absolutely needs work. Will opposing defenses lay off and dare the rookie to shoot?  To be determined. Ultimately, Jaylen has all of the physical attributes to be a good player. But can he put it all together into a solid rookie campaign?

Photo Credits: Bleacher Report





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