He’s Not Here to Take Part, He’s Here to Take Over.

I’ll be honest, I never gave a shit about the UFC for the vast majority of my sports watching life… Sportscenter does a UFC segment; change the channel. Fifty dollars for a fight; Fuck that. As close minded as that is, I had zero interest in watching two guys in cut off tights beat each other to a pulp.

Then Conor McGregor happened. I had never heard a damn thing about this guy McGregor. Then one of my boys showed me a clip of one of his press conferences. This guy was sitting at the podium like he owned the place, feet up on the table and everything. He was treating the other fighters up there like they were his puppets. I was hooked. I looked him up on youtube and watched his fight in Boston.. it was electric. Walking into the arena with Biggie playing over the loudspeakers and the Irish flag draped over his shoulders; he was larger than life. Eventually, McGregor would be upset by Nick Diaz after taking the fight on short notice at a heavier weight. The naysayers said McGregor was all talk. But then when everything was on the line he stepped up and won the rematch. Anyone who watched the lead up to the fight knows it was absolute anarchy. Diaz’s team and McGregor hurled water bottles at each other at a pre – fight press conference for christ’s sake.

Then, just a few days ago, the punishment for their antics was brought down by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. McGregor was hit with a 150,000 dollar fine. Since, McGregor has vowed to never fight in Nevada again and more power to him. Nevada needs this guy more than he needs them it’s as simple as that. McGregor is a superstar and he expects superstar treatment. Does Lebron get every call under the sun driving to the basket? you bet your ass he does. Is Peyton Manning hit with some very credible PED allegations and yet the story seems to disappear? Yessir. Conor McGregor knows his value and what he brings to the UFC… I guess some of us are just lagging behind.

Photo Credits: IrishTimes.com


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