The Perseverance Of Clay Bucholz



Earlier in the season it seemed all but certain that Clay Bucholz’s place on the Red Sox as an important pitcher was over. The second longest tenured player on the Red Sox was going through the worst struggles of his major league career. After being banished two the bullpen twice it appeared as if Bucholz time with the Sox was over. At the trade deadline Bucholz was involved in many rumors and it seemed like a strong possibility he would be gone. The Red Sox however held onto him and as of late it looks like a smart move. Recently Bucholz has  arguable pitched  the best baseball of his career when his future was in question. The Red Sox have been playing their best baseball which has allowed them to distance themselves in the playoff race and a big reason for that is Bucholz.  In his last start against the Yankees with chance of clinching the division on the line Bucholz turned in a superb outing against the Yankees. He pitched six innings, didn’t allow a run, and struck out six. Not so bad for someone who doubted at one point if he would ever get another win in a Red Sox uniform.

The Red Sox drafted Bucholz in the first round of 2005 draft. The Sox had high hopes for him which was only reinforced in his second career start. In Bucholz’s second career start he joined an elite club as he threw a no hitter against the Baltimore Orioles. since making his debut Bucholz has shown flashes of why the Red Sox held him in such high regard as a prospect. Injuries and inconsistency however have prevented Bucholz from reaching his full potential. While Bucholz has elite talent he has never been able to establish himself as one of the most elite pitchers in the game. In 2013 Bucholz went 12-1  but was limited by injuries. Last year the Red Sox didn’t enter the season with a true ace hoping that Bucholz would step up and assume the role. He started the season strong but again missed a significant of time due to injury. This season however has been his best. He hasn’t been an ace but at this point that’s not want the Sox need from him. He was banished from the starting rotation twice and took the blame. Rather than sulking about it Bucholz worked effortlessly and found a flaw in his mechanics. He may not be the ace the Sox have always hoped for but he’s shown grit and desire. When the Sox needed him to step up because of injuries hes done exactly  that and reminded everyone that the talent is still there. When Farrel announced that Bucholz would be one of the four starters in the American League Division Series it further showed how much Bucholz has been able to turn his season around.



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