Boston Sports Back On Top




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Today Boston sports fans woke up in a pretty good place. The Red Sox are one game away from clinching their division and the injury riddled Patriots are 3-0. In the past sixteen years Boston sports team have won nine championships.They’ve also appeared in eleven championship games; That’s more than some sports fans see in a lifetime. This year Boston sports are poised to remind the world why Boston has taken on the name titletown. The Red Sox have already clinched a postseason berth and the Patriots are poised to go 4-0 before Brady’s return when many predicated them to go 2-2 without the franchise QB. However those are not the only Boston teams with high expectations. The Celtics have high expectations after the signing of center Al Horford. The signing of Horford changed the stigma that big free agents wouldn’t signed in Boston. Finally there’s the Bruins who just locked up forward Brad Marchnad to an eight year deal. Marchand is coming of a season in which he had a career high in points with 61 as he scored 37 goals to go with 24 assists. One could say that its pretty good time to be a Boston sports fan.

For many sports cities most people are content if one of their teams are competitive in Boston that’s not how it goes. Recent years have raised the expectations in Boston as every year one of these teams seems to be in the playoffs. That is due to tremendous front offices and star players such as Mookie Betts, Isiah Thomas, Patrice Bergeron, Tom Brady, David Ortiz, and many more. Over the past years these teams have also had an uncanny ability to make every year interesting no matter the situation. It all started with the Patriots winning three championships from 2002- 2005 in dramatic fashion. From their expectations only rose as the Red Sox won the World Series in 2004 and 2007 and the Celtics experienced high expectations  during the Big Three era. Boston sports teams however have not always been favored like the 2011  Bruins who weren’t predicated to win the cup, the 2004 Red Sox who stunned the world and came back from 3-0 deficit to beat the Yankees in a best of seven series, and the 2013 Red Sox who rallied around the Boston Marathon bombings on their way to winning the World Series. One of the reasons players love playing in Boston is because the atmosphere is unlike any other. That tends to happen when every year your city’s sports teams find a way to shock the world and sports is like religion. With Red Sox having their postseason tickets booked the other Boston sports teams will be looking to follow suit and for the Patriots, Celtics, and Bruins expectations remain high as a couple championships may be on the way.

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