The Celtics Offseason So Far


Credit: Charles Krupa/ AP


Even though the Boston Celtics missed out on Kevin Durant they still have had a successful  offseason so far. Draft night was not filled with the fireworks that Celtics fans were hoping for as the team used all their picks including the third overall pick on Cal forward Jaylen Brown, who was projected to go much latter. The Celtics were still able to sign one of the best available free agents other than Durant in big man Al Hortford without having to dispose of the key pieces from last years team. Hortford does not only provide the Celtics with the big men that they’ve been missing but he also opens up the floor for others as his three point shot has improved. His value to the Celtics lies not only in his ability to spread the floor but his intelligence on the court. Hortford gives the Celtics offense someone to run through other than all star point guard Isiah Thomas. He also broke the long standing notion that big time free agents wont sign in Boston. Even though the Celtics have improved with this signing they still need more to be able to knock off Golden State.

The Celtics however still have many assets at their disposal. They have enough cap space to add another top free agent to a max deal next offseason and still have Brooklyn’s first round pick for the next two years. These assets put the Celtics in good position to trade fro NBA stars on the trading block such as Blake Griffin, Rudy Gay, Russell Westbrook, and Demarcus Cousins among others. The Celtics General Manager Danny Ainge has said he is not done looking for ways to improve this team. Ainge has shown that he will not shy away from making a deal however he has also shown he will not make a deal for the sake of making a deal.  Celtics fans should be ready for a fun offseason as the Celtics will be involved in plenty of rumors in the coming months and some of those may just come true.




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