Who’s the best Kershaw Or Arrieta?

Kershaw arrietta


Chicago Cubs starter Jake Arrieta is on one of the most historic runs  by a pitcher in recent memory. Three years ago Arrieta was discarded by the Baltimore Orioles and considered one of the worst starting pitchers in baseball. However after the All-Star break last year Arrieta showed why the Orioles were wrong in their judgment. Arrieta dominated after the All- Star break as he posted a league low 0.75 ERA in 15 starts. Arrieta finished the season with an ERA of 1.77 and held batters to a .185 batting average. Only one pitcher since 1968 has finished a season with numbers that low: his name was Pedro Martinez. That’s pretty good company.He also toped off 2015 by winning the NL Cy Young award.  Arrieta has started where he left off last year. Entering play today he is 😯  with an 1.29 Era . During Arrieta’s run many people have said he is the best pitcher in baseball. While he has the stats to back up that claim and is deserving of the praise, Clayton Kershaw may have a different opinion.

    Kershaw is just as good as Arrieta if not better and has been for years. Kershaw has won three out of the last five Cy Young awards and is only 28! He’s won twenty games twice and is off to a 7-1 start. Kershaw is also on pace to strikeout more than 300 batters and walk less than fifty batters this season. This only been done by three pitchers in major league history Curt Schilling, Pedro Martinez, and Kershaw himself. Arrieta is on an incredible run and looks to be a star for years to come. Kershaw however is still the best in the game and at twenty eight he’s only going to get better. Facing either of them would be a scary proposition however Kershaw remains on top

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